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Multinational company captures Lesotho cannabis regulators

Ministry 'knew nothing‘ of their links with UK multinational SECHABA MOKHETHI Two senior Lesotho health ministry officials who oversee cannabis industry licensing in Lesotho are linked to a London-based company that plans to invest in the manufacture of medicinal cannabis in the kingdom, the MNN Centre for Investigative Journalism has learnt. The company, Afriag

Senti takes on PAC over fraud report

…Deputy PS institutes legal action against parliament’s accounts committee after damning police uniform tender report   MANTŠALI PHAKOANA The Ministry of Police and Public Safety’s Deputy Principal Secretary (DPS), Ezekiel Senti, has instructed his attorney to institute legal action against the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) for alleged defamation of character. The move follows parliament’s adoption of the PAC’s report on 29

Big Lesotho airport upgrade opens old wounds

SECHABA MOKHETHI In 1982, while Lesotho’s constitution was suspended under Leabua Jonathan’s government, local communities had their land expropriated without compensation and were forcibly relocated to make way for the Moshoeshoe I International Airport outside Maseru. The current government’s plan to upgrade the airport at a total cost of M5-billion (R5-billion) has reopened these historical wounds and

AD bigwigs feed on rural water project

SECHABA MOKHETHI and BILLY NTAOTE Have you ever found yourself stranded in rural Lesotho with a dire need to quench your thirst or answer the call of nature, but were forced to do your business in the bushes or drink from an unprotected well? If your answer is “yes”, be aware that this might have been

Heartbroken Mojakhomo speaks from exile

…says will only come to Lesotho when ‘Maesaiah is no longer First Lady KEISO MOHLOBOLI As yet another year rumbles on in Lesotho, it certainly seems to continue bearing the drama, fear and uncertainty of the past and more so for exiled mother-of-four ‘Makarabo Mojakhomo. Mojakhomo was the ‘Maesaiah Thabane Trust Fund Director until her arrest on 29 May 2018 for

The plight of abandoned police officers in far-flunked posts

…leaving communities crime-ridden KEISO MOHLOBOLI It certainly doesn’t look like a police station but a crumbling mining compound whose very right to exist literally ended the moment management decided it no longer made economic sense to continue with the mining operation. But this is not a deteriorating, once-thriving mine now dying a very slow and painful death

Lesotho’s ‘fools’ gold’…MNNCIJ digs in

’MAJIRATA LATELA MOKHOTLONG - It has become a well-known fact Mokhotlong is Lesotho’s richest district in minerals, mainly diamonds and water. But could recent allegations of gold discovery along the Senqu River banks in the district be true? Well, the village chief and his subjects in Sekoka believe they are settled on a land rich with

EU pumps M621m for protection of Lesotho’s water sources

BILLY NTAOTE & THUSO MOSABALA European Union (EU) has expressed its confidence over the ambitious implementation of a project funded to the tune of M621 million for protection of water sources and wetlands that ensure continued supply of water to Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP) dams. Protection and survival of the wetlands in the highlands of Lesotho

Water woes hit hard on Maputsoe 

’MAJIRATA LATELA MAPUTSOE - Hundreds of villagers in Maputsoe have been grappling in water shortage crisis for almost a year now, the MNN Centre for Investigative Journalism has learnt. Not even after the desperate residents wrote a grievance letter to the Water and Sewage Company (WASCO) last November has the situation changed. In fact, the Centre discovered

Justice minister, magistrates square off

NKOALE TŠOANA Judicial Officers Association of Lesotho has schooled Justice Minister Mokhele Moletsane about the essence of their job for allegedly taking their grievances lightly against those of prison wardens. Moletsane, whose portfolio also includes correctional service, is accused of focusing all his attention on correctional services more than demands of key judicial officers dealing