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Be merciful, don’t publish – LNDC

…investment promotion agency shields Nien Hsing from water pollution exposé  This is the fourth part of a five-part investigation by MNN into how Lesotho’s textile factories operate with a disregard for labour laws and with apparent impunity as tests confirm that factories release toxic wastewater into water courses, including the Mohokare

Factories dump chemicals into key rivers

This is the first of a five-part investigation into chemical pollution by textile factories in Lesotho. This is not just affecting Lesotho. The rivers into which chemicals are being released extend into other countries in southern Africa. SECHABA MOKHETHI This series was supported by Pulitzer Centre Lesotho’s water-quality authorities have rejected independent, scientific

Matekane’s M6.7b Letšeng contracts raise alarm on water pollution

PASCALINAH KABI Bertha Foundation Fellow Letšeng Diamonds, Lesotho’s most lucrative mine, has awarded contracts worth M6.7 billion to MGC Mining, a company that is ultimately owned by Prime Minister Sam Matekane. The value of the contracts was disclosed in a 16-page response by Letšeng to a number of reports by the MNN Centre

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An Investigative Journalist MNN Centre for Investigative Journalism is looking for an ambitious and creative reporter to join its team. This team focuses on accountability journalism and is a fearless watchdog to powerful officeholders and institutions. The MNN reporters are hungry to find and publish exclusive news of importance to our community.

Reflections on Lesotho’s 2022 National Assembly Elections

By Monaheng Rasekoai Lesotho’s 2022 National Assembly elections were historic not only because of the peculiarity of a political party which is barely six months old assuming state power but also because of the ‘dominoes collapse’ of yet another political party that had dominated the political landscape for more than a

Top Zambian presidential advisor embroiled in police investigation into ‘misdirected’ Sun Pharmaceuticals’ funds.

By Charles Mafa Indian citizen, Vinod Sadhu, who has been on the Zambian police’s wanted list since 2018, was finally arrested when he entered the country in September in his private jet. However, the following day, a senior ruling party official and a presidential political advisor ordered the police to release

Lesotho’s Dangerous Water Gamble

PASCALINAH KABI Bertha Foundation Fellow A confidential report that flags harmful levels of toxic mining effluent in Lesotho’s key rivers feeding the Lesotho Water Highlands Project (LWHP) has raised uncomfortable questions in the government and set the cat among the pigeons in cabinet, as ministries shift the blame and justify not doing

Plunder from the East

How the notorious Chinese wildlife syndicate Lin-Zhang looted Malawi’s mineral wealth  Golden Matonga They arrived in Malawi as legitimate Chinese investors but immediately started trading illegally in Southern and Eastern Africa’s wildlife and wildlife products. The law eventually caught up with them, but the crimes they were found guilty of are just

Govt Departments in Blame Game over Water Pollution

PASCALINAH KABI Bertha Foundation Fellow  Lesotho’s Director of the Department of Environment, Motsamai Damane’s bombshell admission that mining companies are polluting water sources that rural communities rely on has triggered a blame game in government.  While departments try to dodge being held accountable for not monitoring mining operations, this has raised questions about