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Thabane’s ‘dictatorial’ tendencies rear ugly head

...Prime Minister and All Basotho Convention leader accused of unilaterally violating the party’s constitution as he expels ‘rebels’ NEC members in violation of a High Court order MAJIRATA LATELA All Basotho Convention (ABC) leader Thomas Thabane’s decision to “unilaterally” expel key members of the party’s newly-elected National Executive Committee (NEC) has since been scoffed at as façade to circumvent

MNNCIJ gets global investigative journalism status

…as Global Investigative Journalism Network approves MNNCIJ’s membership KEISO MOHLOBOLI MNN Centre for Investigative Journalism was yesterday granted membership to world's leading international association of investigative reporting organisations, Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN). The GIJN boasts a membership of 182 organizations in 77 countries across the world. MNNCIJ is Lesotho’s first and only institution

MPs in rare unity to save wool and mohair farmers

RELEBOHILE KHOALE Parliament has united to investigate the unpopular wool and mohair sale ‘localisation’ policy in a last-ditch effort to save wool and mohair farming—the major source of livelihood for Lesotho’s  rural communities. In a show of unity rarely seen in Lesotho’s diverse National Assembly, Members of Parliament (MPs) on 10 June voted for a motion

Farmers panic in anthrax scare

MANTŠALI PHAKOANA LESOTHO farmers are in a quandary following the recent outbreak of anthrax in the country which prompted the immediate export ban of wool, mohair and livestock to South Africa and other countries due to fears of spreading the disease. On 12 May 2019, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (MAFS) was notified

Winter break to dodge Thabane ouster

Billy Ntaote This afternoon, Members of Parliament are set to decide whether the National Assembly should adjourn for a winter recess or assemble for another week to hear a proposed motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Thomas Thabane’s administration. The MNN Centre for Investigative Journalism this morning learned parliamentary business committee members had all concurred the

Lesotho loses over M1.4 billion to corruption

MAJIRATA LATELA From 2013-2016 Lesotho lost more than M1, 479,049,462.60 to corruption, misuse of public funds and under collection of revenue. The Public accounts committee (PAC), in a report tabled before the National Assembly of Lesotho today showed that within the 2013-2016 period government of Lesotho lost a minimum amount of M1, 479,049,462.60 due to corruption and

M108 million lost to MPs loan repayments

…as instability causes two-year parly terms ‘MAJIRATA LATELA Public accounts committee (PAC) has recommended for a new law to ditch legislators’ loans guarantees having costed Lesotho’s ailing economy a whopping M108 million. This amount, the government has spent in repayment of loans taken by members of parliament, senate and other statutory position holders after dissolution of the short-lived Eighth

Phamotse to answer for ‘dumping’ unwanted teachers at schools

RELEBOHILE KHOALE Youth and Sports Minister Mahali Phamotse face possible investigation by the anti-corruption body over her actions while serving as education and training minister. Phamotse is according to Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee allegedly in breach of the law after she ordered placement of unwanted teachers in schools who ended being paid without working. In a stern recommendation

PAC on its way to save Flour Mills from illicit financial flows

BILLY NTAOTE Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has recommended a review of the Lesotho Flour Mills management agreement within 90 days after hearing concerns of the company’s failure to declare dividends to government. PAC made the firm recommendation in its report tabled in the National Assembly of Lesotho following the completion of its report on the consolidated

Commissioner of Mines accused of negligence

MANTŠALI PHAKOANA The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has accused Commissioner of Mines, Pheello Tjatja for negligence of duty in the safekeeping of diamonds. Presenting report before the National Assembly on today, PAC has urged Ministry of Mining Principal Secretary, Ntahli Matete to report measures taken against Tjatja, for his behaviour before the same House within 21 days. After