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Reflections on Lesotho’s 2022 National Assembly Elections

By Monaheng Rasekoai Lesotho’s 2022 National Assembly elections were historic not only because of the peculiarity of a political party which is barely six months old assuming state power but also because of the ‘dominoes collapse’ of yet another political party that had dominated the political landscape for more than a

Zambian Elections, a media perspective

…Lessons for Lesotho’s 2022 polls Matiisetso Mosala In September 2022, Lesotho will hold general elections. In 2017 when the Kingdom had its last polls, Basotho knew what they wanted; they wanted Change. Basotho wanted to see their country develop, poverty eradicated and jobs created, especially for youth and the country just at peace

We all aspire to go to Machabeng…

The Reflector Machabeng College, yet another institution of learning in this country under scrutiny for the wrong reasons as if our country’s educational system has not been through enough strain already. It’s that dream school for many of our children, even we parents aspire to send our kids there. Now, don’t misconstrue the

Diaspora bursary repayments could salvage Lesotho revenue crisis

…and avail much needed resources to social development and poverty alleviation programs. By Billy Ntaote When COVID-19 started to spread across the world, I was working with a French filmmaker on production of a Film on Hunger in Lesotho. Being a city dweller and frequently seeing reports by international organizations of the hunger

Emergence of Covid-preneurship in Lesotho

…as looting spree thrives at a cost of people’s lives THUSO MOSABALA The emergence of novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) has a negative economic consequence in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho, stressing meagre resources and for the destitute, it has gnawed down at the roots of their existence while Covid-preneurs thrived like a

Foreign judges: A headache for Lesotho’s murder trials

KEISO MOHLOBOLI / NKOSANA DLAMINI / TUMISANG SERAME Maseru/Harare—When the Lesotho authorities decided to hire foreign judges to steer ongoing high-profile murder trials involving former high-ranking Lesotho Defence Force personnel, little did they know that they were dragging an ant-infested log into the courtroom. Charles Hungwe, the Zimbabwean judge who was in January 2019 hired

Journalism needs to rethink ethics

The general election provided a litmus test of Botswana’s media, showing that it is not independent of financial and political influence. JOEL KONOPO analyses Botswana's ailing media sector. We live in a divided political environment and amid radical economic disparities. But there is one thing on which virtually everyone in Botswana agrees: most of the news

Lesotho youth hard hit by corruption

TUMISANG SERAME The kingdom of Lesotho is one of the countries in the world whose corruption perception seems to be escalating daily with youths among the loudest crying for an end to corruption and abuse of public office. According to the 2018 transparency international report, Lesotho is ranked 78 out of 180 countries on corruption. The country

Gendered impact of corruption

…as women are proportionally more vulnerable to corruption than men MATIISETSO MOSALA Corruption is referred to as a global phenomenon and serious impediment to development and economic growth. Although it affects all social classes in communities we live in, poor women and young girls are among the most affected. In order to understand corruption best in Lesotho,

Reflection on corruption in Lesotho

Billy Ntaote For many Basotho today, talking about sustainable development goals and why their country fails to attain these important milestones and realise prosperity is mostly blamed on a corrupt cabal influential over state power referred to as State House. State House, under normal circumstances, is an eminent house in any country, of course, second after