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Thabane’s anointed committee expunge court judgment

…meanwhile Mahao’s quintet says any contempt of court will be dealt with decisively KEISO MOHLOBOLI and MATIISETSO MOSALA All Basotho Convention (ABC) leader Thomas Thabane’s anointed party executive committee yesterday defied a High Court judgment, and only said it welcomes expelled executive members but as ordinary party members. The statehouse cabal—ABC’s national executive committee members

Lesotho stands by Western Sahara – ’Maseribane

…government denounces foreign minister Makgothi’s mysterious foreign policy shift Matiisetso Mosala Lesotho government washed hands and negated what was announced by Moroccan media this week as ‘the new foreign policy shift’ to neutrality from the stance against illegal occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco. The denounced shift is instigated by Foreign Affairs Minister Lesego Makgothi. Morocco’s press, on Tuesday

Lesotho groans under hefty data price rises

Data giants-VCL and ETL-also accused of ducking regulatory levies and government loan repayments TUMISANG SERAME Skyrocketing data prices continue to hit the pockets of poor Basotho consumers. Yet an investigation by the MNN Centre for Investigative Journalism (the Centre ) has found that one of Lesotho’s mobile network companies has defaulted on regulatory fees, while the other

Lesotho youth hard hit by corruption

TUMISANG SERAME The kingdom of Lesotho is one of the countries in the world whose corruption perception seems to be escalating daily with youths among the loudest crying for an end to corruption and abuse of public office. According to the 2018 transparency international report, Lesotho is ranked 78 out of 180 countries on corruption. The country

Gendered impact of corruption

…as women are proportionally more vulnerable to corruption than men MATIISETSO MOSALA Corruption is referred to as a global phenomenon and serious impediment to development and economic growth. Although it affects all social classes in communities we live in, poor women and young girls are among the most affected. In order to understand corruption best in Lesotho,

Reflection on corruption in Lesotho

Billy Ntaote For many Basotho today, talking about sustainable development goals and why their country fails to attain these important milestones and realise prosperity is mostly blamed on a corrupt cabal influential over state power referred to as State House. State House, under normal circumstances, is an eminent house in any country, of course, second after

Government and corporates suck LEC dry

…allegedly owe nearly M200 million in bill arrears KEISO MOHLOBOLI and MANTSALI PHAKOANA The government owes the Lesotho Electricity Company (LEC) more than M50 million in unpaid electricity bills while private companies and some embassies owe the struggling state-owned enterprise an additional M140 million, MNN Centre for Investigative Journalism can reveal. The size of debt

Parliamentarians in bloody scuffle over wool and mohair farmers

Billy Ntaote Lesotho’s wool and mohair farmers’ protracted fight to see a localisation policy imposed on their business reversed yesterday precipitated a bloody scuffle in the national assembly of Lesotho. Farmers demands to see the wool and mohair marketing regulations of 2018 imposed on their business by small business, cooperatives and marketing minister Chalane Phori were

Female condom low demand widens inequality gap

Matiisetso Mosala Cultural norms have dictated that women shy away from acts that expose their sexual desires. Women in Lesotho are frowned at if found carrying condoms on them. This exposes them to unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and further elevates their risk of contracting HIV. The female condom, known as femidom, was developed in the

Ray of hope for vegetable production amid harsh climate change

Nteboheleng Thamae Climate change is considered one of the biggest crises facing humanity today, it has posted threats to food security due to negative effects on agriculture, but a legion of smallholder farmers in Lesotho are fighting to defy the odds and are cashing in on vegetable production. One such farmer is Tšepo Massa,