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Questions over contractors in M2.4-billion stadium deal

Were political supporters favoured in a deal that was pushed through despite red flags?   SECHABA MOKHETHI The government has dished out a M2.45-billion stadium deal to a group of contractors that includes two senior members of the Alliance of Democrats (AD), a long-standing contact of AD sports minister Mahali Phamotse, and a relative-cum-business-associate of two men convicted

Foreign judges: A headache for Lesotho’s murder trials

KEISO MOHLOBOLI / NKOSANA DLAMINI / TUMISANG SERAME Maseru/Harare—When the Lesotho authorities decided to hire foreign judges to steer ongoing high-profile murder trials involving former high-ranking Lesotho Defence Force personnel, little did they know that they were dragging an ant-infested log into the courtroom. Charles Hungwe, the Zimbabwean judge who was in January 2019 hired

3-year toddler sudden unexplained death shock family

Allegations of use of corporal punishment surface against Tiny Tots schools KEISO MOHLOBOLI It was only his sixth day at Tiny Tots Pre-School when mysterious tragedy befell a three-year-old Bohlokoa Qhobosheane on January 14. The tragedy led to Bohlokoa’s demise the next day while doctors were trying to attend to him. In an exclusive interview with MNN Centre for Investigative

Bid to overturn dubious M380-million ‘Chinese’ tender

BILLY NTAOTE A group of companies that lost the M380-million Mpilo Boulevard upgrade tender to a Chinese-led joint venture has filed an urgent court bid for the tender award to be overturned. And their lawyer has told the court that there was evidence of official interference in the tender process that “bordered on corruption”. The tender has been shrouded in

Hostile Kao villagers muddle through

as peace talks between Storm Mountain Diamonds and Kao mine neighbouring communities awaitMine and community speak of raging challenges and solutions in the pipeline BILLY NTAOTE MATIISETSO MOSALA Long protracted conflict between the Storm Mountain Diamonds operated mine and neighbouring communities in Kao villages seem to have its end drawing nearer amid pending

Journalism needs to rethink ethics

The general election provided a litmus test of Botswana’s media, showing that it is not independent of financial and political influence. JOEL KONOPO analyses Botswana's ailing media sector. We live in a divided political environment and amid radical economic disparities. But there is one thing on which virtually everyone in Botswana agrees: most of the news

Lesotho Prime Minister to retire soon

BILLY NTAOTE and TUMISANG SERAME Finally, Prime Minister Thomas Thabane has publicly announced his intentions to step-down as Lesotho Prime Minister. Thabane told a press briefing held at the old state house he would be retiring his position as the country prime minister very soon citing old age as a reason. But he also referred to his

Police to interrogate Ntsekele, Mphaka over PM wife’s murder

BILLY NTAOTE and MATIISETSO MOSALA In the wake of Lesotho’s first lady, Maesiah Thabane’s evading arrest and vanishing, police investigations have led to top government officials being summoned to Police Headquarters for questioning. Minister of Water Samonyane Ntsekele and Government Secretary Moahloli Mphaka were today summoned to help police with their investigations into the killing of Lipolelo Thabane. The duo

Breaking: Lesotho First Lady resists arrest

Claims she fears for her life and barricades self in statehouse Investigations on her sister wife’s fatal shooting continue BILLY NTAOTE, KEISO MOHLOBOLI and MATIISETSO MOSALA Lesotho’s first lady, Maesiah Thabane’s brazen refusal to report to police earlier and later afternoon resisting arrest has left the country shocked after learning she was summoned

Lesotho Prime Minister’s mobile-phone used in wife assassination

…Police Boss says his suspension by Thabane is just a ploy to scuttle investigations into Lipolelo’s assassination KEISO MOHLOBOLI Police investigations into the fatal shooting of Prime Minister Thomas Thabane’s estranged wife, Lipolelo Thabane, unearthed usage of his mobile phone to communicate with the assassinators, the MNN Centre for Investigative Journalism (the centre) has learnt. Lipolelo was killed at the