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Initiation schools open doors for HIV treatment

MANTŠALI PHAKOANA and RELEBOHILE KHOALE Basotho are gradually dumping norms blamed for rising Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) statistics in initiation schools. Initiation schools’ common practices like sharing of razor-blades are shunned and infected initiates now continue their treatment while undergoing traditional training. According to Basotho culture, initiation is a form of training that boys undergo to become

HIV no longer a death sentence but the stigma remains

KEISO MOHLOBOLI It is now 31 years since the first World AIDS Day was commemorated in 1988 at the height of the AIDS pandemic. The Day was calculated to create awareness around HIV and AIDS, promote potential cures and remember the lives lost to the disease. But while 23-year-old Neo Ntaote is happy with the way antiretroviral (ARV)


In our article titled: ‘Shi Exchanged Farmers’ Wool For Machinery’ dated July 22, 2019, We erroneously reported that “Maseru Dawning Trading (Pty) LTD, owned by Chinese national Stone Shi, was reported by the Central Bank of Lesotho during its appearance before the ad-hoc committee, to have violated its broker-license regulations

Community groups help alleviate HIV stigma among men

BILLY NTAOTE Lesotho’s male population largely remains reluctant to visit health-centres or even take HIV tests, which present challenges in the country’s fight against HIV and AIDS. In some instances, men prefer to have their spouses take the HIV test and then assume their status would be the same as their partners’. But this norm is fast-changing

Fleet tender manager assumes work amid court storm

BILLY NTAOTE A joint-venture that was awarded government’s fleet tender worth M100 million has begun operations amid an ongoing High Court battle challenging the contract. Fleet Service Lesotho and Silverstone Fleet Solutions started work on 9 July by inspecting vehicles belonging to the government fleet. On the instruction of Finance Principal Secretary, Motena Tšolo, all government and leased

HIV-positive youths thrive on peer support

MANTŠALI PHAKOANA Lesotho’s adolescents between the ages of 10 and 24 years are among the people most vulnerable to HIV/AIDS due to poor healthcare, lack of family support, non-acceptance of long-term treatment and non-disclosure of their HIV-status to peers and family. It is this challenge that the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation (EGPAF) recommends can be

Minister hails under-fire wool and mohair policy and blames saga on politicians

RELEBOHILE KHOALE The Minister of Small Business Development, Cooperatives and Marketing, Chalane Phori has defended the Thaba-Bosiu-based Lesotho Wool Centre auction as a lucrative deal set to benefit farmers in the near future. Phori made this submission to parliament’s ad-hoc committee investigating the sale of wool and mohair at the Centre following an outcry

Parly grills under-fire Chinese wool and mohair broker

MANTŠALI PHAKOANA Parliament’s ad-hoc committee investigating Lesotho’s wool and mohair sector on Wednesday grilled under-fire Chinese businessman, Stone Shi. Shi is now the sole broker of the country’s wool and mohair after being handed the role through amendments to an existing regulation by the government last year. He does this through the Lesotho Wool Centre—a joint-venture entered

How wool and mohair farmers were tossed into poverty

…farmers association blames government and Chinese national BILLY NTAOTE Thousands of families that depend on wool and mohair revenue are now said to be in dire need of food aid as a result of a government policy to localise the sale of their precious products through a Chinese national, Stone Shi. This unfortunate development was revealed