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Blue Cross rehabilitation centre re-opens

as government releases M3 million subvention

Keiso Mohloboli

Blue Cross Thaba-Bosiu Centre, which shut down operations following an impasse with government, recently re-opened after the Ministry of Health released M3 million subvention.

Speaking at a press briefing on Monday, Blue Cross Thaba-Bosiu Centre Director Thabo Mokhutšoane said after discussions with Ministry of Health, the centre’s governing body reached a decision to re-open the centre which went through financial constraints since October last year.

He said for the benefit of the public who were much concerned about the closure, the government released subvention of two quarters of the allocated budget for the year 2018/2019.

“The entire budget for the centre is well known. It is worth M6 million and normally it is given out in four quarters”.

“For us to re-open, we were given M1.5 million by two and the first budget reflected into the centre’s bank account on December 20, 2018,” Mr Mokhutšoane said.

According to Mr Mokhutšoane, the re-opening of the centre was reached to serve the public and continue with prevention and treatment services while on the other hand discussions between the board and the government would be in continuation.

Mr Mokhutšoane explained that out of the thirty patients who were admitted at the centre for rehabilitation only twenty six came back to continue with treatment.

He said other reasons for patients to fail to go back to complete their treatment is that patients signed up for leave from their employers and closure of the centre disturbed their schedule hence failure to go back to the centre for treatment.

“Hopefully, they will still come back to complete their treatment,” he said.

In an interview with MNN Centre for Investigative Journalism on Monday, Minister of Health Nkaku Kabi confirmed conflicts between government and Blue Cross Thaba-Bosiu Centre.

“I am aware of some of the problems there but the services for the inhabitants can’t be compromised”.

“I ordered PS to give Blue Cross subvention a month or 2 ago,” he said.

Ministry of Health PS Advocate Mole Kumalo yesterday told MNNCIJ that he is yet to meet with the centre’s Director Mr Mokhutšoane over the way forward.

“I was supposed to have met with Ntate Mokhutšoane today but because of my other government meetings I ended up cancelling to meet him at 14:00 today but hopefully we will reschedule for tomorrow,” he added.


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