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Call for investigative story pitches

Ongoing: The Centre is broadening its scope of work, towards this end, it hereby makes a call to journalists to pitch story ideas and engage in practical investigative journalism with the Centre.

This call for investigative story pitches is part of our Centre’s project on “Running a functional and influential investigative journalism centre in Maseru”.

The pitches shall be sponsored with small grants disbursed to the successful pitches.

Small grants shall cover direct costs that shall be incurred by the journalists in the field on the production of stories that are limited to transportation, communication and lodging etc.

Other necessary resources shall be provided on a needs-only-basis by the Centre for successful completion on stories.

The pitching is also open to journalism students pursuing their studies at local media institutions.

The story pitches shall be made to the Centre in line with its core values on professional journalism.

What MNNCIJ is looking for:  stories that break new ground and expose wrongdoing – such as corruption, malfeasance, or misuse of power – in the public and private sectors.

In 150 words or less, summarise your idea for the story and or project explaining the point of the investigation and/or what you are trying to prove. Applicants should also state their anticipated date to complete the stories.

Budget: Provide an itemised, detailed budget that estimates expenses, other revenue sources, how much is being requested from MNNCIJ and how the funds will be expended.

Writing Samples: No more than two. Writing samples may be in any medium (print, audio, video.)

Letter of commitment: This is a letter signed by a news editor committing to publish the story, as long as it is completed as promised and meets the news outlet’s journalistic standards. A letter of commitment is a non-negotiable requirement for employed journalists. An application submitted without this commitment is considered incomplete and will not be considered.

Where the pitches are successful, the Centre will assist the candidates to build investigative stories for publication in national/international newspapers to strengthen in-depth journalism.

Download MNNCIJ Pitch Form (here), fill and submit via email to:  and or copy to

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